Lessons and Workshops

I offer a variety of services both online and off to help you with emotional issues in your life - such as PTSD, Anxiety, Depression and Abuse.  Over the years I have developed courses using the Wisdom of the Herd to help people, as much as they have helped me on life's journey.


I also teach Riding lessons to children and adults in the Fraser Valley. 

Please review my current services and reach out through email at the form below to book or ask any questions.


Riding Lessons

I teach out of Miellie Meadows in Agassiz, where we have a few wonderful school horses for you to ride.  From beginner to more advanced levels, there is something for everyone.  Most of my lessons are flatwork working up to jumping.  Riders are taught on the lunge to begin with so they can get balance and suppleness.  Horsemanship from the ground up is taught, as I believe that everything starts with the relationship you have with the horse.

Rates:  Adult - $65 an hour

Children under 16:  $50 an hour.

If you bring your own horse and trailer in – there is a $15 haul in fee paid directly to the barn.


I will travel to your barn, but the fees are then slightly more as I have to travel.

Adults: $75 an hour

Children under 16: $60 an hour.



I offer a variety of workshops based on my life experiences both on and off the horse.  I have found horses to be a powerful teaching tool for life, because they are authentic and allow us to become more mindful.  

Defying Gravity

Are you a hyper emotional person?  Do you find yourself unable to cope with stress?  This workshop is for you! More information here.

The Wisdom of the Herd

The life lessons from the Herd, a way to connect the dots. More information here. 

Spiritual Coaching


These sessions can be for couples, individuals and families.  They are meant as in introduction to self mastery so you can move ahead and heal relationships on many levels. For individual coaching, click here; for couples or family, click here.

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