2017 Camp Calendar

Unless stated otherwise, all sessions will be held in the lounge at Miellie Meadows - 2614 Else Road, Agassiz.  Prepayment is required.  $99.00 each.

Ancient Secrets of Classical Equitation

October 20, 2017, Kamloops, BC

The Ancient Secrets of Classical Equitation bring many things into modern day riding that help your horse become calmer, stay sounder, boost performance and suppleness by creating an athletic body. The beauty of this is that is cross-dresses all discplines and it's fun! Hope to see you there!


Sunday Sept. 24th  10am to 2pm 

Freedom - many people think of horses as representing Freedom - what does Freedom mean to you?  Suppose you could live your life believing that you are free - how would that change your life?

Personal Power

Sunday Oct. 29th 10am to 2pm 

Personal Power - how are you giving away your power and what can you do to get it back?


Sunday November 26th 10am to 2pm

Control - self control.  You cannot change the things people do but you can change the way you react to them.

This clinic will start on Friday, June 23rd with a demonstration of various in hand techniques including double lunging,...

Posted by Ann's Classical and Intuitive Horsemanship Harrison Hot Springs, BC on Thursday, June 1, 2017

 Veli is a follower of Phillipe Karl – world renowned Classical Equitation Trainer and Rider who has written the book “The Twisted Truth of Modern Dressage”.  This method is centuries old and produces sound and happy horses without force.  Classical Equitation is not just about Dressage, that is the foundation but it also includes jumping and riding cross country.  Veli has many years of experience in Germany where he was hired to take young prospects to the jumper shows.  He is a well rounded horseman who loves to share his knowledge and love of horses with you.  Here are the dates for upcoming clinics and lectures. 


June 23rd – 25th – Clinic and Lecture- Work in Hand. Learn more on the Facebook Event Here.

July 28th – 30th – Clinic and Lecture

August 25 - 27th – Clinic and Lecture

September 15th – 17th – Clinic and Lecture

October 13th – 15th – Clinic and Lecture