Defying Gravity

This session is 3 hours.

Are you an Extra Sensitive Person? Do you feel other people’s emotions without trying? Do you find it impossible to lie, and can you tell when others are lying? Can you see the future and do you find that you can see the outcome before others do? Then this workshop is for you! It can be taught as individual sessions or in a group. I often wondered why I was so emotional, and felt things more deeply than others, but now I know the reason, so I have developed this course to help others like myself live in a chaotic world and be able to survive. These sessions give you the tools to cope with who you are, and you will learn to use your sensitivity to your advantage, so it becomes a usable gift and not your worse nightmare.

Topics covered include:

Understanding your True Nature

Feelings of Not Good Enough

Steps to Healing

Emotional Intelligence/Control - the Key to Change

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