Handling the Crazy energy of 2018 - Unpack your baggage

If any of you have been feeling very emotionally turbulent since the beginning of the New Year, you are not alone.  The energy has been crazy with stars exploding in outer space, solar flares, meteor showers and solar eclipses.  It's been a bit chaotic to say the least.  I personally have been struggling with old memories and baggage from the past surfacing, and it's been a roller coaster ride of emotion.  Sometimes hard to deal with, and overwhelming.  Things I thought I had got over, but oh no - here they are again!  So annoying.

Anyway, if this has been happening to you, don't despair, you are meant to deal with these things once and for all, so don't keep repacking the baggage and shoving it under the bed.  Haul it out, sort it out and get rid of what is not serving you.  It's never easy or pleasant, but if you choose to pretend it's not there, then this year will be even harder to handle, as we are meant to clear out the old and let our hearts expand.  Trying to use your mind and ego to control what is going on around you will not work and you will find yourself reeling out of control and feeling lost.  It's time to heal and move on.  This year is a 211 year, meaning we learn from experience.  There is no  escaping the inner work we have to do, but it will be job well done, as it will free you in ways you cannot imagine.

Instead of just ignoring it, pay attention to the inner conversation you are having with yourself.  Why are you feeling this way?  What is causing you to feel not good enough, scared, frustrated, upset and chaotic?  The answers lie within all of us, as we must become our own security guard over our thoughts and emotions.  Catch yourself before you lose your cool and ask "why am I reacting this way"?  If you do that it will give you great insight into who you really are and why you do and say the things you do.  It's an eye opener I can tell you, but well worth the task.  Figuring this stuff out enables you to truly heal, and move forward, other wise what happens is a kind of self inflicted torture -  things surface only to be  buried again, but they keep on returning - like a broken record.  We repeat the pattern over and over again, then we wonder why our lives are a mess.  Instead of doing that, why don't we sort out the trash and get rid of it, so we can stop repeating that aweful cycle of depression, sadness, frustration, fear and anger.  Don't you think it would be nice to put and end to all and just be happy?  I think it's worthwhile, so try it out and be the best you can be for 2108.