Doreen Virtue and the Jesus crisis

It's really interesting to me all the fuss that has been kicked up over Doreen Virtue's announcement that she is now discussing the teachings of Jesus.  Some people in the spiritual world seem to be upset as they feel betrayed by her as they feel she is going born again Christian instead of Spiritual.  I don't know if that's really true.  I have followed her for years as I started seeing angels myself when I was a child of about 4.  They are always about love, so anything else is not real or misleading.  Some people were complaining that you have to look for the answers within yourself, and that talking about Jesus is looking outside of yourself and getting into religion that asks us to worship a God and believe in duality.

This is kind of my take on the whole fiasco.  I know what it's like to not trust your own mind or judgement.  I know how it feels to struggle with depression and PTSD on a daily basis and feel you are going crazy.  During those times in my life I sought inspiration from others who had walked a similar path and had come out of it.  My mentors were people like Wayne Dyer, Doreen Virtue, Gregg Braden, Oprah, Louise Hay and Dr. Bruce Lipton and Esther Hicks and  Abraham.  I always knew in my darkest hour, some message would come to me from somebody and I would feel there was hope for me still.  

I went to an Anglican girls school and religion was not forced down our throats.  We learned about the Parables and there are great life lessons in the Bible like the 10 Commandments - they are actually good advice for being happy and staying out of trouble.  I am not a church goer today, as I believed what Jesus said "the Kingdom of Heaven is within you".  I really do feel connected to all life, and Jesus is about love and the Christ consciousness within us all.  The Christ consciousness is what Jesus wanted us to worship, it's the part of ourselves that is Divine and we can never be separated from that, not the man himself.  This is where religion and spirituality part company, and if any of you have read the book "The Jesus Code", you will see that much of his teachings were misinterpreted and used for political reasons.

When Doreen started talking about the teachings of Jesus, she was talking about love.  Her baptism for me was a ceremony to cleanse energy.  I never really saw it as religious.  If you are relying on someone so much that the changes they are making that they feel right for them is so upsetting to you, then you are depending too much on that person as a guru.  We all need to take the ideas and use them for our own benefit to come up with our own answers.  I know I did.  I always knew it was about the "man in the mirror" and that I had to find my own solutions, just as Doreen is.  Having mentors was a way for me to keep the hope alive, in times when I felt I had no hope left.  I felt that hearing about other people's struggles gave me courage that "if they can do it, then so can I".  Everyone's path is different.  Jesus happens to be one of my favourite Ascended Masters, as he came to me in a meditation years dancing across the stage and putting the crown of thorns on and off his head. So I said to him, "you mean I am doing this to myself?"  He said "yes and you can take off that crown of thorns and end the suffering any time you want".  OMG!  that opened up a whole new world for me and whenever I get too bogged down in my own thoughts, I remember that experience.  Anyway people you can make of it what you want, just some thoughts to ponder on. Namaste.