Defying Gravity

Hello Everyone!  Welcome to my new and improved website.  I am so excited to open up a redefined version of what I do, as I am a great believer in paying it forward.  Through my many years with horses and other spiritual teachers, I have acquired a vast amount of experience and hopefully some wisdom.  I am looking forward to sharing both with you and empowering my audience to truly "live their best life".  Oprah is an inspiration for me, and she said something in an interview with PIers Morgan the other day that really struck me.  She said "you have to know your groove" really well.  I  agree.  It got me thinking - what is my groove really?  I thought for a while and apart from being good with horses, I am also good at seeing the perspective of others, even if I don't agree with them.  Seeing both sides of the story helps me to be more effective at helping people achieve self - mastery, either in their personal lives, or with their horses, and frequently - in both.  

As some of you know, I am a deeply spiritual person who believes that we are all connected on an energetic level. , simply it all boils down to molecules and atoms.  As the native peoples of the world believe, every living thing has a wisdom to it and a message for us.  We can learn a lot if we take time to listen to "the still small voice of calm" that lives in all of us.  The human body is within itself a universe, a miracle of life.  I began to learn about meditation from a very young age,  I was about 13 when my father introduced me to that quiet place that brings peace.  My father suffered from hypertension, and meditation combined with a daily yoga practice was a way for him to relieve stress.  I have carried those practices forward into my daily life, and I believe those teachings are why I am still around today.  

I believe in unity, knowing yourself and always being willing to learn more about yourself.  Some of my most powerful life lessons have come from horses, which is why this website is called the Wisdom of the Herd.  Horses have taught me to be authentic, be grounded, be grateful, be present and much more.  I'm looking forward to sharing my journey towards self-mastery with you and to be part of your journey, for life is about relationships and deep connections to those who share your views, and those that challenge you to be more of who you really are.  Stay positive, stay grounded, and be present, life has much to offer and our challenge is to find the lessons hidden in our every day experiences.  Nothing is without a reason.  IF something is showing up in your life, it's there because you need to be aware of it.  Look at each new experience, even the negative ones, as another lesson in the classroom of life.  Our soul's journey is towards joy, and finding out who we really are - a spiritual being having a human experience.  Namaste