Wisdom of the Herd

Wisdom of the Herd 

It's All About Balance




I'm Ann and I'm glad you've found your way to my online resources. Here you will find information on the Services I provide in the Equine and Spiritual fields, articles and information on upcoming events.

Born in Jamaica of English/Scottish descent, I am bound to be a misfit of sorts, and I’m okay with that, as my looks and my voice and outlook on life do not match most people’s expectations of me.  Being different is something I have grown accustomed to, and maybe the greatest difference is that I am not afraid to be different! To read more about me, click here


For those of you who think I may have something of value to add to your life, I promise you the following:


I am present, committed, and bold

I am authentic – everything I teach has been learned from my own life experience

I will maintain confidentiality and integrity on all levels

I will give you validation for your emotions by being a good listener

I will be the hand you can grasp if you decide to reach for it

I will respect your journey and you as an individual



My teachings come from a place of love, as the truth sets us free.  I will never tell you what you want to hear, I will tell the truth even if it’s hard, for that is the only way my word can be trusted.  I’m not afraid to ask the hard questions, as those answers you may not want to hear, are the opportunity for growth so you can move forward with your life.  My only goal is for us all to “live our best life”.  This is who I am.  
— Ann Turner
Wisdom of the Herd
from 139.00

This is a set of 6- 2 hour sessions, with a free 7th one at the end.  The time schedule is up to you – we can set appointments when you are available.  This series isbased on the most important lessons horses have taught me in my life, it’s truly “horse wisdom”.

Individuals:  $139.00 per session

Couples:  $199.00/session

Topics covered:  Boundaries, Freedom, Personal Power, Self-Control, Community and Living in the NOW.

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 Empowerment Workshops
149.99 199.00

These workshops are from 10 am to 4 pm and include lunch.  You will work through the session in a group with time allowed for answering questions in writing.  There is a handout included.  Topics include self-mastery, Spirituality and Energy work, Crystal healing, Grounding techniques, Gratitude, Forgiveness, Trust, Trauma and Post Traumatic 

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Couples Session

 Couples Sessions:

Again this is to assess the state of your relationship and what is needed to make it a functional, positive and loving experience.  

Introductory Couples Session is 2 hours for $150.00.

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Individual Session


We try to target the main issues in your life so you can move forward.  This session is an assessment to get a baseline for progressing into either a customized series of sessions specifically for you, or a program such as the Wisdom of the Herd, which is described below.

Introductory Individual session rates are 3 hours for $99.00 –

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Riding Lessons
from 50.00

I teach out of Miellie Meadows in Agassiz, where we have a few wonderful school horses for you to ride.  From beginner to more advanced levels, there is something for everyone.  Most of my lessons are flatwork working up to jumping.  Riders are taught on the lunge to begin with so they can get balance and suppleness.  Horsemanship from the ground up is taught, as I believe that everything starts with the relationship you have with the horse.

Rates:  Adult - $65 an hour

Children under 16:  $50 an hour.

If you bring your own horse and trailer in – there is a $15 haul in fee paid directly to the barn.


I will travel to your barn, but the fees are then slightly more as I have to travel.

Adults: $75 an hour

Children under 16: $60 an hour.

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Equine Massage Therapy
from 100.00

I started body work back in the mid 1980’s when I had my own riding school in Jamaica.  I retrained off the track Thoroughbreds for many years.  The physical issues they had prevented them from being good under saddle, and I made it my life’s work to relieve pain – mentally, emotionally and physically.   My Certification in 1994 with Equissage has given me the tools to do just that, and along the way I have added a few others, like the use of liniments, herbs, a tens machine and special stretching.  I incorporate custom riding and stretching components into the rider’s package, so you can fully participate in your horse’s wellness program. This is very much a team effort, as every horse and rider combination is different.


$100 per horse at the farm or within the Hope, Chilliwack area.  If I have to drive to Aldergrove, Langley or further, the rate is $150 per horse or there have to be more than one horse booked to make the drive worthwhile.  

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Satisfied Customers

My memory of my time with MAMA and eveyone there will be a warm and memorable moment for me.  Evidence is in the photo of MAMA and I. I was really zoned out in soaking up the unconditional love and warm heart of MAMA.  I did not want to leave her. I found the introduction to learning the energy connection between humans and horses was very valuable to know beforehand, so when you met the horses it meant more to you. The horses taught you to live in the moment, and let your mind release all worries of life. The horse book and cards, was a powerful experience also.  The no. 20 I choose was perfect for my life of where I am now. 

 When you first get there you will introduce yourself to these wonderful animals.  It’s interesting to compare your initial reaction with them, to the feeling you have towards them at the end of the day.   My first message from MAMA, was that she was listening deeply, had lots of love and was open to hearing and talking to you.   I found out afterwards that my instinct was right about her.  That why we were drawn to each other because of her deep love connection. She had a big heart and so do I.  Mama knew I was small stature 4 10, she bent her head down so I could pet her.  That was so sweet of her.
It was safe and warm.  I felt like I was back in the womb again.  I could feel the unconditional love and a strong bond with her.  It’s like a new MOM with her new born, a strong, loving, warm bond.  The photo of me here matches up with my words because it reflects a deep unconditional bond of love with someone who takes you for who you are, not judging you at all. 
 To make my story more powerful is that I grew up in an environment where I never experienced a strong unconditional love with a mother ever.  This was my first time to feel a genuine caring love even if it was from a four legged horse. It was strongly received and it worked magic for me.  I can play that video and sense that moment with MAMA three weeks later.  Thank you Ann for providing this service.
The other thing is that sometimes people who are hurting cannot open up if they have to talk to counsellors, and these horses provide a way to better health without the need to go into a deep conversation when words don’t come.  The silent energy projects a powerful healing between the horses and individuals.  You will not be sorry you came from a long distance to get here to enjoy a wonderful experience like this. Till we meet again.
— Rhonda Brain